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New publishing solutions



PiCROSS is a system that improves your publishing process. It helps you to reduce the costs of preparing data and their graphical display. PiCROSS media produces documents in PDF and HTML formats as well as in the DTP formats i.e. InDesign or Quark. The latter may be edited and updated in the data update* mode of PiCROSS system.


Supported versions of DTP applications: Adobe InDesign CS 6, Adobe InDesign CS6. Server, QuarkXPress 9, QuarkXPress 9 Server.

*data update – is an automatic process of changing or completing contents of documents in the DTP format on the basis of valid data retrieved from the information management system (e.g. prices, descriptions, language versions).

Types of publications


  • catalogs
  • product cards
  • reports
  • price lists



  • store flyers
  • original catalogs
  • presentations
  • offers
  • advertisements
  • brochures


Publishing Services Platform

  • product cards in MDM, PIM, ERP, CMS, and DMS systems, etc.

Optimizing professional publishing processes PIM+DDP


Our products transform long-lasting and time-consuming tasks like managing information, entering and formatting data, into one complex and dynamic process.


PiCROSS data is our solution for product information management (PIM). It provides constant information validity, multilingual data support, and teamwork quality. Also, it standardizes data and reduces amount of editing tasks due to data inheritance mechanisms.


Regardless of your information management system, you may use PiCROSS media, our professional Database and Dynamic Publishing (DDP) solution that builds a connection between your data and their graphical presentation. It is the only completely integrable system of this kind. In contrast to all available on the market solutions, PiCROSS media allows you to use simultaneously such data sources as: database, XML documents, and application services.


As a result, thanks to our products you may simplify and shorten your publishing process, therefore, significantly reduce your publishing costs.


Why? Just because you need only one data definition to publish valid and accurate data repeatedly in various types of media.


proCat’s products allow you to significantly save money in short- and long-term perspective.

Many advantages for various customers


Optimizing the publishing process is required by many target groups. Thanks to PiCROSS, all of them may gain notable benefits.



Savings gained due to simplified publishing process, easier and cheaper regionalization, increased frequency of data publishing without rising costs, almost no costs of the following editions.


Retail chains

Quick and simple preparation of customized advertising materials, validity and accuracy of published data.


Marketing Managers

Efficiency of preparing coherent advertising campaigns in various types of media.


DTP Specialists

Quality and efficiency of work thanks to the tools designed in the way to use patterns of work with popular DTP applications. Working with real customer data.


IT Managers

Easy integration with other systems by maintaining the best standards and unrestrained access to data (databases, files, services). Stability and professional supporting team.

Media variety

Cyclical nature


Information validity...


…are some of the challenges faced by publishing solutions today.The standard publishing process does not meet the expectations anymore as it is based on repetitious, labor-intensive, and error-prone tasks.


During the standard process, data are usually gathered in an Excel file and imported into the DTP program. Then, the full publication mock-up is manually prepared on the base of many, often similar, master pages. It is filled with data and formatted page by page.


Sometimes data changes and the mock-up must be corrected manually even a few times, often at the very last minute and as a result the publication is made up again and again.


Problems that occur in the course of this process results from time expenses and amount of work involved in the process of hand-crafting each page. Data are usually entered, edited and formatted many times, depending on the amount of required media. Additionally, all that need to be done with care to maintain coherence both in printed and electronic publications.


Dynamic Publishing and Product Information Management solutions are the answer to these problems.